Can children ride a trike?

Kurt rides a Can-Am three-wheeled rear seat motorcycle. Can he take his grandchildren with him?


Question from Kurt to the UPSA team of experts:


I have a three-wheeled Can-Am 900 cm 3, which allows me to take a passenger and has a backrest and footrest. I am also a proud grandfather and would like to know from what age my grandchildren can ride my motorbike.


Response from Olivia Solari from UPSA:

Dear Kurt,

Thank you very much for your very interesting question. In principle, there is no minimum age for transporting children on motorcycles and similar vehicles. However, certain points must be observed.


Art. 63 paras. 1 of the Ordinance on Road Traffic Rules (OCR) governs the transport of passengers on motorcycles, light quadricycles, quadricycles, and motor tricycles assimilated to motorcycles. Concretely, three conditions must be met for you to be able to take your grandchildren with you:

the child must be at least seven years old;

he must be seated behind you on the motorcycle;

he must be able to use the footrests.


The third criterion is decisive: your grandchildren must be old enough to reach the steps or footrests. If this is not the case, the law requires the use of a child seat approved by the registration authority so that they can ride on the motorcycle with their parents or, in your case, with their grandparents.


If your grandchildren are under the age of seven, they must therefore be seated in an authorized child seat. You must check with the competent cantonal road traffic office to find out if there is such a seat for your Can-Am.


The Accident Prevention Bureau takes a rather critical view of the transport of children on motorcycles.


For the driver as for the passenger, the wearing of a helmet is in all cases obligatory (art. 3b al. 1 OCR). Regarding children under the age of twelve, it is the driver’s responsibility to ensure that the accompanying child wears a helmet. Due to this legal transfer of responsibility, a possible fine in the event of the absence of a helmet would be addressed to the driver.


The Accident Prevention Bureau considers the transport of children on motorcycles rather critically and recommends, in addition to wearing a helmet, that the child also be provided with suitable protective equipment. These include abrasion-resistant pants and jacket, gloves, boots, and a reflective safety vest.

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