815 safety vests for first graders

This year there was a special gift at the start of school for 815 first graders at 21 elementary schools in the district, who took part in a joint campaign by the Bavarian State Transport Authority and the AOK in Deggendorf. To make children more visible to other road users on their way to school, the AOK equips first graders with reflective safety throws.


“We are very happy when our contribution helps to make the way to school safer for the smallest and most vulnerable participants in road traffic and to further reduce the number of accidents on the way to school”, says Christa Katzdobler from the AOK in Deggendorf.


707 accidents on the way to school happened on Bavaria’s roads in 2018, in 2019 there were significantly fewer with 649. Despite the positive development, it remains an important concern to further improve safety on the way to school. Experts see crossing a lane as a particular danger. The risk of accidents increases in the dark and at dusk. With a safety vest or reflectors, however, you can increase visibility and thus halve the risk of accidents compared to dark clothing.

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