For electric scooters introduced their own rules of the road

It is forbidden to carry passengers on scooters, and the electric scooter itself must be equipped with headlights. It will even be possible to ride on the lane designated for public transport if there is allowed passage for cyclists. When moving on the sidewalk, the driver must give priority to pedestrians and move at their speed, not faster.

As for the carriageway, driving on it is allowed only in those places where the speed of traffic is limited to 50 kilometers per hour. The scooter can only move in one lane, as close as possible to the right shoulder. Before “zebras” and public transport stops, the driver must slow down.

The electric scooter must be technically sound, equipped with brakes, while driving, a white headlight must be on in front, and red side lights behind. The driver, if possible, must wear a reflective vest.

It is forbidden to drive a scooter without holding the steering wheel with your hands, ride while holding on to another vehicle, and carry a load that poses a threat to others.

In addition, a clause has been added to the traffic rules that drivers of other vehicles are obliged to do everything possible to ensure that scooter drivers are safe in the traffic flow.

The law on road traffic approved by the Seimas states that the maximum permitted speed for a scooter is up to 25 km per hour, and one person over 14 years old can ride it. Minors require a cyclist’s driver’s license to ride scooters. For traffic violations, scooter drivers are subject to the same penalties as cyclist offenders.

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