Well protected by bike to work with reflective vest

Cycling is healthy and good for the environment – which is why it is becoming increasingly popular as a means of transport to work. But one thing is also clear: anyone who rides a bicycle must ensure that they have safe equipment. As part of the “Safe to work by bike” initiative, the center of the SKZ plastic has given its cycling employees a comprehensive safety package.

The number of bicycle commuters is increasing continuously. The reasons for getting on a bike are different: some just want to keep fit, others are motivated by the thought of minimizing their CO2 emissions. Still, others are not in the mood for traffic jams or looking for a parking space. According to a press release from the Federal Statistical Office in 2019, the number of bicycle accidents is lower on weekends than on working days. A clear indication that the bicycle is used as a means of transport to work during the week. The number of bicycle commuters is also increasing at the SKZ – which is reflected, among other things, in the bicycle shelters at the individual SKZ locations.

The number of bicycle accidents has increased

However, there is also a downer: In contrast to accidents with other means of transport, bicycle accidents have risen steadily in recent years – by 16.8 percent compared to 2010. But it is also clear that the risk of accidents can be minimized – for example by using reflective clothing so that cyclists are better perceived in traffic.

Cyclists are responsible for their safety equipment. However, the SKZ makes every effort to protect its employees who cycle. Initiated by the occupational safety department, a free safety package has now been put together with the support of the SKZ management. The package consists of a safety vest, a neon yellow rain cover for a helmet and backpack, and a snap strap for your trouser leg or wrist. 25 security packages worth 50 euros each were distributed to the employees. The campaign aims to make employees more visible in traffic and thus protect them from accidents.

“At the end of July we also want to offer safety training for our cyclists together with the German Road Safety Council (DVR),” says Patrick Langen, SKZ safety specialist and head of facility management. “Because when it comes to cycling, the following still applies: better safe than sorry. And the safety of our employees is very important to us,” concluded Langen.

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