Many drivers could be wrong. A new duty soon

Although it is commonly believed that this item is mandatory, many drivers still do not have it in their car. Soon there will be a provision in the law that will change this. Check what will need to be carried in each trunk.


Contrary to popular belief, the first aid kit is not required equipment in a car. However, even most drivers who think otherwise do not pay much attention to it. This is a big mistake. Because how to help when we do not have basic supplies at hand? Aleksander Miszalski, a member of the Civic Coalition, concerned about the lack of imagination of drivers in this matter, issued an interpellation on the establishment of a first aid kit as a mandatory element of vehicle equipment.


Outdated regulations

For many years, there have been no major changes in the regulations regarding the rescue accessory, necessary in road transport. Currently, drivers are required to have a fire extinguisher and a warning triangle. The law also imposes an obligation on every citizen to help in an emergency. But has anyone ever thought about what exactly we should give it since there are still cars on the roads without first aid kits? MP Miszalski justifies his motion, inter alia, the fact that we are unfavorable compared to other countries, most of which have imposed on their citizens the need to equip a vehicle with a kit for pre-medical aid.


You don’t have to wait

Although there is no such obligation, you can equip the car with a first aid kit now. In automotive stores and supermarkets, ready-made kits with the required refill are sold. It is worth verifying their use-by date every few months. Also, remember to have your fire extinguisher inspected. In addition, there should also be a reflective vest in the trunk, which will ensure your safety when, for example, during a night trip you change a hole in the wheel.


What must the first aid kit contain?

There are no universal guidelines on this matter, but it is assumed that each kit should contain at least:

– first aid instruction,

– sterile dressings, gauze, bandages, plasters with and without dressings,

– elastic band,

– wound disinfectant,

– thermal blanket,

– triangular scarf,

– safety pins and scissors,

– mask for non-contact artificial respiration.

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