Be visible to road traffic

The days are getting shorter again in the Warendorf district. At dusk and in the dark, accidents often happen because road users are difficult to see, as the traffic watch in the Warendorf district is now pointing out. Also, the risk for cyclists and pedestrians to be involved in an accident is three times higher at night than during the day.


In the dark, a driver only perceives five percent of the things he sees in daylight. Those who are recognized earlier are safer on the road, says Werner Schwenk. For the managing director of Verkehrswacht in the district of Warendorf, this includes a reliable lighting system with white front headlights and red rear lights for bicycles. Also, reflectors on the pedals and in the spokes of the wheels.


The largest projection surface for cyclists and pedestrians is their body. This should be used, said Schwenk. At best, a safety vest with as many reflective surfaces as possible helps in the dark.

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