Should cyclists wear a reflective vest?

Fines for cyclists for disrespecting the Traffic Law have become a constant in recent days.

Although in some cases it was only disobedience to the measures, others were marked by ignorance of what the rules say.

The director of the Traffic Police, Germán Marín, explained that if a person, either for exercise or work uses this means of transport, there are some measured accounts that he must always know and respect, otherwise he is exposed to a fine or even the removal of the bicycle.

“Apart from wearing reflective clothing with reflective fabric or some device to make yourself more visible, the safety helmet and driving alert on the road, which would be the normal advice for the cyclist on any route; Let us remember that for circulating on the routes known as highways, which have high operating speeds, 80 kilometers or higher, it will be exposed to a sanction,” said the chief of said police.

Transit seized 37 bicycles over the weekend for using these restricted roads. The fine for this is 23 thousand colones (Article 147 B of Law 9,078), in addition to being left without a bicycle.

These types of implements are recommended to use both day and night.

“It can be reflective clothing or vest, mostly something that catches the eye of the driver. It is not that I put this one instead of the other, the more I have the better, some people even use bracelets of lights, that is very good, although the law does not ask for the more the better”, he commented.

Likewise, if you drive after 6 pm you have to use headlights and taillights.

Another point that the cyclist must take into account is that they must always carry an identification card, which is what the police ask for. The bicycle invoice is not necessary.

Health Request

Apart from complying with all these provisions, the call for cyclists is to respect the measures recommended by the Ministry of Health for people who cycle, run or walk.

Minister Daniel Salas insists that the main rule is to go pedaling alone or with the social bubble (a group of people with whom he commonly shares and that does not exceed 4 people).

As sanitary guidelines also avoid touching your face, do not spit, and do not share bottles.

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