The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine has made several changes to the traffic rules. In particular, pedestrians were required to wear reflective clothing. Failure to comply with this rule is subject to a fine.

According to, earlier the use of reflective elements by pedestrians was only advisory. Now, every pedestrian who moves in the dark (or in poor visibility) along the road is required to wear a reflective vest or stickers on his clothes.

It is reported that this measure will reduce road deaths by five to six times. The driver can see a person in reflective clothing from 130-150 meters. And in dark clothes, even with the headlights on, a pedestrian can be seen only 25-30 meters away.

Pedestrians who will not wear reflective elements on their outerwear will be fined, according to The amount of the fine will be 510 hryvnias, although when the bill was considered in the summer, it was ten times less, only 51 hryvnia.

It should be noted that this rule applies only to those pedestrians who move along the carriageway or the side of the road. Walking around the pedestrian zone is still allowed without wearing “lanterns”.

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