What is mandatory to always have in the car to avoid high fines

According to the Highway Code, there are some things that should never be missing in the car. Otherwise, at the time of a check, you are liable to a fine. But there are also objects that are not mandatory, but which could be very useful. Especially in an emergency.

Mandatory equipment is defined. Precisely because we are talking about both documents and material objects.

As for the documents, obviously, the license must always be with the driver. But the same goes for the insurance certificate and the vehicle registration document. It is no longer mandatory to display the coupon with the expiration of the car insurance. But this does not mean that you are exempt from having the document in the cockpit.

What is mandatory to always have in the car to avoid high fines

If you do not have your driving license or booklet with you, the fine is around 42 euros. And it must be paid in any case. Even if you can submit the document shortly thereafter. That is, going to get it or having it brought. The only way to save is to pay the fine within 5 days of being issued. So you will have a 30% discount, paying only 29.40 euros. If the license is not presented to the police officers within the established deadline, the fine becomes higher, from 430 euros up to more than 1,700 euros.

In winter it is mandatory to have chains on board. Except when winter tires are fitted. The ProiezionidiBorsa staff has already addressed the topic, the article can be consulted here.

As for the child seat, it is mandatory up to 12 years of age. Or upon reaching 1.50m in height. And up to 4 years of age, it is also mandatory to have an anti- abandonment device.

Two mandatory items to always have in the trunk

We are talking about the safety triangle and the reflective vest. The triangle must be displayed in the event of an accident or when the car is stationary, to report it to other motorists. It must be homologated and exhibited 50 meters away from your car. In case of control, not having it in the car involves a fine of about 170 euros. But also the deduction of 2 points from the driving license. The same principle applies to the reflective vest. It serves to signal to other motorists that you are on the road. And you are out of the vehicle. The obligation is reported in art. 162 of the Highway Code.

And here’s what it is mandatory to always have in the car to avoid high fines. These described are the mandatory equipment for a private car. But it would also be good to get a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher. Although they are not mandatory, they can always be useful in an emergency.

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