Safe holidays with prevention

District members of Radom talked to preschoolers about the rules of winter games. On the other hand, social prophylaxis as part of the “Safe holidays” campaign gave instructions to the listeners of the program recorded by the Municipal Cultural Center in Radomsko.


In the last days of the winter holidays, policemen reminded the kids how they can take care of their safety. The uniforms emphasized that when playing in the snow, sledding downhill, you should be especially careful and use common sense. They emphasized choosing safe places for outdoor games, away from busy streets, intersections, and communication routes. They reminded the children not to step on the ice of frozen bodies of water, lakes, canals, ponds, etc. under any circumstances.


The policemen discussed the rules of proper crossing the road, made them realize how important it is to wear reflectors. These can be elements attached to clothes, bands, safety vests, and lanyards. They insisted on placing them in a place visible to other road users, especially drivers. They drew attention to the basic rules for pedestrians on the roads in conditions of poor visibility and when they are slippery and snowy. Every pedestrian walking on the road after dusk outside built-up areas must have a reflector placed in a visible way for drivers.


The officers reminded the youngest of the rules of safe rest at home, alerting them to possible threats.


The participants of the meeting were encouraged to take part in an art and film competition to illustrate the Decalogue of Rules of the International Ski Federation, called the “Snow Decalogue”.

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