Difficult road conditions – the policemen appeal to ensure safety

The attack of a real winter is traditionally associated with difficult road conditions. Limited visibility due to falling snow, slush on the roads, local icing – this is what drivers have to face for several days. Police officers remind you that safety depends primarily on us. The current aura is conducive to crashes and collisions. Remember that slower is safer.


Due to the winter weather, traffic policemen appeal to everyone, both drivers and pedestrians, to exercise particular caution and prudence.


“Due to rainfall, the road surface may be covered with snow and slush, which can cause the wheels to lose traction easily. In such conditions, overtaking, passing, and cornering can be very dangerous. Drivers should remember to drive on the road with the lights on and respect the speed limits, and when the weather conditions are worse, to slow down according to the principle that slower is safer. We urge you not to charge, think, anticipate threats,” warns the uniform from the District Police Headquarters in Kartuzy.


As they emphasize, particular care should be taken in depressions of the terrain, on hills, near forests, and water reservoirs – the road can be particularly slippery there. The pedestrian crossing areas should be treated extremely carefully. It is worth being careful when approaching them, because if a pedestrian suddenly enters the road, the driver may not have time to brake.


“We also address a special appeal to pedestrians not to walk directly in front of an oncoming vehicle. Every pedestrian should also remember about their safety and make sure they are visible. We remind you of the obligation to wear reflective elements outside built-up areas after dark. A reflective vest, a key ring, a wristband, or even an ordinary flashlight will make us more visible to the oncoming driver while driving on a dimly lit road, “urge the policemen from Kartuzy.

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