Road safety: why you should wear a helmet on a bicycle

Wearing a helmet on a bicycle, compulsory up to the age of 12, should be worn by everyone as it increases the safety of cyclists.


Driving safety isn’t just on the road, there’s also handlebar safety. And to be on the safe side, wearing a helmet is strongly recommended. Mandatory for children up to 12 years old, it should be worn by everyone. “Whatever your age and the route taken,  it is important to put on a helmet”, explains Thomas Thieulin of Prévention Routière. “It divides by three the fractures of the cranial box in the event of an accident”, specifies it.


Not so restrictive, wearing a helmet is also an educational means to set an example for the youngest. This protection can be supplemented by a reflective vest, which considerably increases the visibility range of the cyclist by motorists, from  30 meters without a vest to 150 meters while wearing it. It is also compulsory outside built-up areas and at night.

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