Six tips for cycling to work

  1. The most important thing is SAFETY: make yourself visible and always equip yourself with front and rear daytime running lights, a helmet, and fluoride clothing. Ideally, wear a reflective vestand light clothing. It is also important that you check your bike before leaving, do not forget that it is a vehicle that must take you safely to your destination in open traffic. Check the pressure of the wheels, the lights, and make sure that the brakes and gears are well adjusted. If there is a bike path, use it. Signpost your movements; turn left, right, and brake, in advance, use the bell and do not listen to music.


  1. EQUIP YOUR BIKE: Depending on what you need to take with you, think about putting on racks to free your back from the extra weight and heat that backpacks entail. In it, you can place one or two saddlebags to carry your clothes, laptop, towel, shoes. If you have little with you, try a basket on the handlebar. There are also other cool accessories like rearview mirrors that let you keep an eye on the traffic behind you without having to turn your neck or lose focus on what’s going on ahead. Finally, equip your bike with a basic tool kit (camera, puncture kit, multi-tool, etc.)


  1. The study which is the BEST JOURNEY: try to take safe alternatives such as bike lanes or areas with less traffic. Remember that there are times when the shortest route is not the most recommended. As a general rule, the streets parallel to the main traffic routes offer you the safest way to reach your destination.


  1. Take the trip with PEACE OF MIND: if you don’t have showers in your company, the best way to do it is calm, without rushing and without pedaling. You also have the option of getting an electric bicycle that will help you get less fatigued and in less time. You go to work, not a career. Get out early enough and pedal smoothly, don’t overstrain that will make you sweat more than you should. Leave extra clothes, toiletries, a towel, etc. in the office. This way you will have to carry less weight on the bike every day, which will ensure that you are lighter and more stable when riding. You can choose to keep in your office a toilet kit in which you carry: a change of clothes, deodorant, perfume, and any other product.


  1. How to PROTECT YOUR BIKE from the friends of others: The ideal situation would be for you to get your company to enable a locked room so that you and your colleagues could leave your bikes. If this is not possible, there are three things you can do to avoid thieves. Park your bike in a place that is visible to you and well lit. Use at least one, and preferably two, padlocks. Although the best ones are not especially cheap, they will better protect your precious bike. Remove vulnerable items from your bike like lights, accessory bags, bell.


  1. Finally, what is the BEST CLOTHING to make the commute to work by bike: While cycling clothes are usually very close to the body to prevent the wind from slowing down our progress, in this case, it is the opposite. Both the upright posture and looser clothes play in our favor. You can wear a breathable shirt that fits the body and prevents sweat from entering your clean clothes. It is also recommended to wear reflective elements or fluorine colors.


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