Tips for running in the dark of night

After the summer, the hours of daylight get shorter and shorter, it disappears in the middle of the afternoon and it gets dark very early, but most of us have no choice but to go out to train at those hours, whether, for work, studies or simply because we want more than getting up early, and what we find are dark streets. So in this post we are going to see a few tips to run at night and be safer in the dark.


It has a light. This is essential if what we want is to illuminate the streets where we run. A frontal would be the most appropriate if we are going to run through areas with no light and highly recommended if it is in the mountains (the Run Light is perfect). But we must not forget that lighting is not only for us to see, but also for other vehicles to see us, so it is highly recommended to carry some safety light, both in front and behind. Currently they sell many devices of this type, even in the form of an armband or anklets with LED lights that do not disturb anything on the go.

Reflective clothing. Another tip for night running is to make sure you wear clothes that have reflective fabric, it is not a matter of going out to run at 10 at night in mourning. Most sports clothing, sneakers, and running accessories have a reflective strip, but if you think that it is not enough you can choose to buy some attractive armband or even adapt pieces of, for example, a typical reflective car vest, to your equipment.

Always run facing traffic. This is very important and should not be forgotten. If we run through areas without sidewalks and with traffic, we must always go along the shoulder where we see the vehicles coming from the front, so we can have a minimum reaction margin if we see that something can happen and we will not be startled if large motorcycles or vehicles pass.

Bring a phone. No one knows the unforeseen things you can have in the middle of the night, so carrying a phone can get us out of an emergency. Luckily, thanks to the rise of sports applications for smartphones, many people wear the phone with bracelets and could use it if they needed to.


Tips for night running, safety first

Bring identification. Nobody thinks of having an accident while running, but better be prepared, so it costs nothing to carry identification with our data or even buy us a bracelet like the ones from Safesport ID, which can be personalized with contact phones, illnesses, allergies, etc. You can find them on their website from € 16.95. In our case, we have analyzed in depth the Codylife Sport, very to take into account.

He wears a cap. Although it may seem silly, if you are used to training in areas where there is traffic, you may want to try wearing a cap for those moments when the lights of the cars coming from the front blind us and it would only be enough to lower the visor to avoid it.

Leave the music at home. Carrying music helps us distract ourselves during training, motivates us, and gives us the feeling that time passes faster. This is great, but at night we need to be more attentive to everything that happens around us and since our eyesight is impaired by the lack of light, it is advisable to at least have a good ear and leave our brand new headphones to run at home.

As you can see, they are simple tips, many of common sense, but they can make our night outings more comfortable and, above all, safer. What are your tricks when you go out without the Sun to burn shoes?


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