4 steps that will help you know if you run safely

With the change of season that robs us of sunlight, the season of running starts when the streetlights have already been lit. Although training at night can be relaxing, it also requires a little more caution, not only in wearing reflective clothing with reflective tape to be more visible but also in avoiding being attacked by sexual assailants, as was the case with the athlete Julia Takacs last August.


So much so that in Spain a platform has been created that helps to put in contact girls who have in common their hobby of running, but do not want to do it alone. It is known as Synchronized and there are already more than 11,000 registered in this running club. Also, they usually make massive gatherings where thousands of girls from all over the country congregate to run together.


But if it is the case that you cannot do it accompanied, the runner and self-defense instructor Julie Barron Morrill has given us four guidelines so as not to become potential victims of an attack while we run and successfully exit the situation.


Think of a plan for an awkward situation or attack. “Try to anticipate how you would respond to an assault before it occurs.” Morrill advises going head high and shoulders back: “An attacker will not choose someone self-assured and alert.”


If something happens, the first thing to do is run away, Morrill says. “We are out running, so run.” Running away from an awkward situation may seem rude, but Morrill advises leaving manners aside if the situation requires it.


If you’ve been cornered and you can’t run away, yell with all your might. Morrill recommends using clear phrases like: “Take off!”. Another option is to say something that doesn’t make sense: your attacker will be puzzled and you’ll save time. Have a phrase ready before you leave.


Attacking is the last option, Morrill says. First, avoid being knocked out: bend your knees, put your torso forward, tuck your chin, and protect your face with your arms. If he catches you from behind, hit his face with his elbow. And if you’re in front, a kick to the crotch can be very effective.


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