New control for motorcyclists

The Ministry of Security of the Nation made official on Tuesday the decree that requires changes in Traffic Law 24,449 regarding the control of motorcyclists. Even though Mendoza is governed by the Provincial Traffic Law 6.082, the measure will be applied on national routes and international corridors.


The modifications expressed in Decree 171/2017, which will be implemented as of Thursday, June 15, require that “the identification of the domain registered in the patent plate located on the vehicle, the mandatory identification of the domain number registration in the protective helmet, mandatory for the driver and front passenger, as well as the mandatory use for the front passenger of a reflective vest.”


The passenger vest, according to the standard, maybe pure yellow, and yellow or orange-yellow in the background and will have at least two horizontal reflective white bands on the front and rear top, five centimeters wide and with a separation among them 14 centimeters, in the middle of which the vehicle’s domain number will be printed in reflective white letters and numbers.


These new measures implemented to combat insecurity, as pointed out by the Minister of National Security, Patricia Bullrich, should not be applicable in Mendoza, which is governed by the Provincial Traffic Law 6.082.


It dictates, among other regulations, in article 49: “In the case of mopeds, motorcycles and the like, the occupant or occupants wear a special motorcycle safety helmet. Helmets for industrial use are prohibited.”


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The regulations in the province


The undersecretary of Institutional Relations of the Ministry of Security, NĂ©stor Majul, assured that the new decree will not be applicable in Mendoza as it is related to the National Traffic Law. However, on national routes and international corridors, federal security forces – such as the Gendarmerie – may be required to comply.


“Once the change is implemented, we will evaluate whether it gives results and is adjustable to the province. However, this new measure will be being carried out by the Gendarmerie on national routes,” said Majul.


The second commander of the National Gendarmerie, Sergio Salinas, told El Sol that they will enforce Traffic Law 24,449 within national routes and international corridors.


“Although we have not been informed of the modification, from June 15 we will enforce it. And, to those who do not comply with it, the corresponding fines will be applied”, confirmed Salinas.


The Ministry of Transport of the Nation informed this newspaper that “the patent of the helmet and the reflective vest must be paid in the corresponding Automotive Registry.”


With this measure, Mendoza residents who wish to travel to Chile by motorcycle must comply with the patenting of the helmet and reflector vest of the companion to avoid fines and be able to pass to the neighboring country.


Data of national routes and international complexes in Mendoza


The province is crossed by several national routes, standing out 40 – from North to South – and 7, from the border with San Luis to the East to the border with Chile, to the West.


Also, on route 7, the International Corridor to Chile stands out. The Province has a connection with the Argentine Los Horcones complex and the Chilean Los Libertadores complex.


Also, Mendoza people usually circulate on the following national routes: 7, 40, 142, 143, 144, 145, 146, 149, 153, and 188, where the mandatory helmet and patent-pending vest will be enforced.

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