In June this year, I had the pleasure to meet several colleagues from Forum and take two rides. We moved at the edge of the right lane at a speed of about 50 km / h. Of course, we were overtaken. We tried not to be obstacles. Unfortunately, the width of the roads and traffic volumes often prevented overtaking a single scooter, let alone five. Especially trucks moving under load had such difficulties. Although we were driving so that the overtaking vehicle could enter between us, sometimes it took several kilometers to overtake our group. I realized that one of the most common threats to users of scooters is being overtaken by other vehicles. Closing the whole group, I compared how we were visible from the back.


Four out of five were dressed in dark or gray sweatshirts or windbreakers. One friend put on a bright green jacket. Each of us mounted a different brand of vehicle. During the ride, each of us had the dipped headlights on. We traveled quite a considerable distance along various routes, in varying road conditions and times of the day. I concluded that the provision on the use of low beam or daytime driving is one of the positive moves of our legislator. Even with good visibility, a darkly dressed colleague riding a black scooter blended with the surroundings. His single bulb in the rear lamp and white stripes on the helmet would be the only elements that can catch the eye of drivers of approaching vehicles. The least visible were driving through forests, shady areas during rain and when it was cloudy. Scooters with a large rear lamp stood out effectively in the above-mentioned conditions. Kymco Vitality and Romita 717 rear lights were visible from afar and regardless of the conditions. Piaggio Fly 50 and Router Sport 50 fared worse. Other colors that affected our safety were the colors of our vehicles and helmets. Gray and black scooters and the helmets of the same color blended with the surroundings. The red of two scooters and two helmets were elements that stand out and draw attention to the surroundings. Jacka is over 30 years old. In its heyday, it was a completely different technique and different regulations were in force. There is one 5 watt position light bulb in the rear lamp of my vehicle. This moped was not equipped with a stoplight. The headlight has a 15/15 watt bulb. These lights shine just like flashlights with a low battery. Also, the rear lamp covers the trunk. Some of us, being aware of the dangers that may meet us on the road and improve our visibility, put on reflective vests, and one of us with a flashy light green jacket.


I noticed that they were the most throwing element of the moving scooter observed from behind. Also, I felt more confident wearing a vest with reflective tape when my Jawka temporarily got lost on a fairly busy road without a shoulder. I was forced to set it on the edge of the lane and make repairs.


Following the forum, I see that many users use their scooters and mopeds for commuting, among others to work and overcome even after 30 km one way. My suggestion is this. If your scooter is gray or black, you wear a dark riding suit, it is worth investing in a reflective vest with reflective material. Your road safety will increase significantly. I also think that other road participants will also see a rider dressed in such armor as taking the participant seriously.

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