Road safety – let’s share the road!

If it is growing steadily with 21.4 million practitioners, cycling as a means of transportation or sports activity is not without danger. Each year, motor vehicle collisions cost the lives of 150 cyclists, and 5,000 are injured. Accidents are due mainly to the behavior of road users. This is why the State services, which carry out road safety actions throughout the year, have been involved since 2013 in the operation La Route Se Partage. The objectives are multiple: identify the sources of danger for cyclists on the road, sensitize motorized users to share the road with cyclists, and educate cyclists on good behavior to adopt to limit the dangers of the road.


For cyclists, the operation will be again present this year on many events, supported by all the players of cycling in France. Actions will also be put in place with the federation of road carriers to make drivers aware of the respect of cyclists. Schools will be regularly organized by the Road Safety coordinators to remind them of the rules for safe cycling. Finally, for the attention of local authorities, actions are being taken to promote the installation of signs recalling the rule of 1.50 meters to respect to double a cyclist and the implementation of communication campaigns like the one carried out in Sarthe. on the theme “I double, I go away!” on 350 bus shelters.


Some reminders to share without moderation are needed to share the road safely.


By car :


Adapt your speed according to the users encountered, the place crossed and climatic circumstances;

Spread 1.50 meters (1 meter in town) when you double a cyclist;

Before doubling, it is imperative to put your flashing light to indicate your intention and the presence of cyclists to the motorists who follow you;

Refrain from doubling a cyclist when there is no room to do so;

Before returning to the lane, check that the distance given to the rider is sufficient;

Check your exterior mirrors and turn your head that there are no other users before getting off the vehicle, pay attention to the opening of the doors.


By bike :


The Code la route applies to cyclists and all road users: respect the traffic lights, stops, and priorities, always go to the left, drive on the right side of the road and in the direction of traffic, and use, where available, bike lanes;

Signal your direction changes with a clear gesture;

At an intersection, stand in front of vehicles to be visible, never stay out of the drivers’ field of vision;

The helmet is not mandatory but it is essential, provided it is well adjusted: it should not be thrown, or fall on the front of the neck;

Maintain a safe distance of several meters with vehicles that precede you;

To be visible in all circumstances, equip your bike with reflectors or active lighting, opt for light reflective clothing with reflective fabric and wear a retro-reflective vest at night or when visibility is insufficient;

Walk in the pedestrian zone without disturbing the pedestrians and do not exceed 20 km/h in the meeting areas;

As a group on roads that are subject to traffic, drive in single file and be sure to get off the road in case of a stop.

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