Easy riders are broken makers, but a good motorcyclist is alert

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Maybe just explain. Because yes, Laurens Wisselink, of course, has a commercial interest. First of all, motorcyclists say nothing and then quickly offer training. That sounds like an easy sales pitch. A little too transparent. Still, we do it a lot. Because he is not just a trainer. He worked in education for years. Recently as a director of a primary school. He also gave part-time driving lessons. As a hobby.


That didactic lies simply because. Explain to others, help them move forward. Just like it went with him at the time. Because as a motorcyclist he was quite stubborn. He thought he knew fine. Until his wife offered him driving skills training years ago. A strange gift, he thought. “But after an hour I was healed. I did all have chats, but boy, I didn’t know much yet. ”


Wisselink has been giving driving lessons for fifteen years. From Amsterdam to Arnhem. On the road, watching, practicing, analyzing; he prefers nothing. Last year he decided to follow his heart. Yet away from education, start your own driving school. It’s called motorcycle professional. He also provides lectures and training for the Royal Dutch Motorcyclists Association (KNMV). Often to men around forty.


In February he was at the Motorbeurs in Utrecht. Days in a row full theater halls. And he collaborates with engine manufacturer BMW, which is charmed by its method. Because he has done his homework. Read studies, put experiences into words. Motorcycling requires complete preparation. Easy riders are an illusion. You don’t do it nonchalance, this lover knows. “If you know better what you are doing, you prevent accidents. As humans, we are calculated at five kilometers per hour. Totally unsuitable for high speeds. So yes, that requires something extra. ”


This weekend, the first riders will hit the road again, is his prediction. That is why Wisselink already has three recommendations.


  1. Keep focus

“Many people know that: you drive away, lost in thought and before you know it you are on location while you have missed whole parts of the route. Dangerous! Because you have to read the traffic and the road. Being aware of what is happening in front of you, behind you and to the side. So that you can respond to a situation. Tell yourself: I focus on the road. Stick a sticker on the handlebar as a reminder. Change that every month so that it stays fresh. But also when starting. Say out loud: I will make sure that I get home safely again tonight. Sounds crazy, but it works. Music, hands-free calling; it can distract you. Or help. With a long straight you stay alert through music. Also, don’t always look at your speedometer. Rather follow the road. ”


  1. It depends on you

“It is no good to end up in the hospital, but you can say: I had priority! As a motorcyclist, you are less visible and less well protected than in a car. So always choose the most secure position on the road. Provide eye-catching safety clothing. A white or bright yellow helmet can already help. Just like a yellow reflective vest with reflective tape. Maybe less tough than a black suit, but safety comes first. And make sure you also train those skills. Because do you also know how to correct if you make a sharp turn? That’s just a tad with the steering wheel, the other way. A matter of ten minutes of practice. But because of ignorance, people give gas or put a brake on them. And there you lie. Totally unnecessary. ”


  1. Watch twice

“Motorcyclists are often in the blind spot. Keep in mind that you will not be seen. Everyone who is on the road must realize that. Always look twice before you cross over or make a decision. Take the time to scan a situation. Because it is difficult to estimate the speed of a motorcyclist. And give the other person something. Men, in particular, claim their rights. That is the testosterone production. This creates a territorial urge. You can also see this in the zipper behavior when busy. Then suddenly there is no room for the other. But when you talk to them in the evening, they understand very well how important it is to make room. So just do it. “

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