Road traffic recommendations from the Mureş County Police Inspectorate

road traffic police safety vest

In order to travel safely, police officers of Mureş County Police Inspectorate issued a recommendation to all those in traffic, no matter if they are drivers, pedestrians or cyclists.


Recommendations for drivers


“Drive at speeds that are suited to traffic conditions, especially when driving around the road and do not forget about traffic. Also, for added safety, on the go, increase the distance between vehicles.


Drive cautiously, without overriding the vehicle controls, make sure before each maneuver is done.

Observe legal speed! Traffic police officers recall that the excessive speed and the inadequate weather, road or traffic conditions are the main driving factor in road accidents in Romania.

Beginners drivers should as far as possible avoid driving at night or over long distances, given their limited experience and the risk of being involved in road events. “Pedestrian Recommendations” We recommend that pedestrians increase their attention and travel only after what are they sure they can do safely? It is advisable to avoid as far as possible the use of the carriageway, especially after dark and in low visibility. ”

Bicycle Recommendations “Before changing the direction of travel, especially to the left or overrun, make sure that there is no vehicle approaching – front and rear!


Move as close as possible to the right edge of the road, and when moving in a group, one column only! Do not ride a bicycle under the influence of alcoholic beverages!


Do not carry another person on a bicycle!

It is advisable to wear an approved helmet! To run on the public road, the bicycle must be properly equipped (effective braking device, audible warning device, white or yellow light in front, red backlight and at least one reflective element of the same color)! Before you ride your bike on priority arteries, reduce speed, make sure and give priority to the right!


When changing direction, even if you have crossing priority, make sure the other traffic participants understand your intention! ”


Recommendations for motorcyclists “Keep eye contact – do not assume that others see you. Always try to have visual contact with the drivers that might be intersecting your trajectory.


Anticipate the intentions of your roadmates – even when drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians see you are approaching, they often mistakenly appreciate the distance or speed. Do not rely solely on their good reaction. Increase attention to turns and intersections – the most common type of motorcycle crash is generated by drivers who do not ensure that left turns are turned or that the lane changes. Make yourself in the mirror when you turn – the drivers that come up may not slow down for you.


Approach curves with moderate speed without cutting them – many accidents happen because of the opposite direction. Use an approved helmet – which meets current safety standards. Avoid buying a used helmet, you may have suffered an accident, and repair can hide structural flaws.


Wear protective clothing for motorcyclists – only this can provide good protection during an accident and protects you from the weather. Modular “layered” equipment is recommended so you can adapt it to the changing weather conditions.


Protect your eyes – airflow, flying insects and dust reduce your visibility and can damage your eyes or face. Be visible – wear bright, reflective clothing. Add extra reflective material or wear a reflective vest. Always keep the headlamp lit and run to the position where drivers can easily see you in the rear view mirror (at 2/3 of the belt width). Avoid the dead angles of other vehicles. “

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