Major Catwalk trends for Fall Winter 2019-20

Major Catwalk trends on reflective fabric

Trendstop gives readers of FashionUnited an early taste of the most important clothing, accessory and shoe influences for Fall Winter 2019-20 women’s fashion.


The TrendStop team offers readers of FashionUnited an exclusive look at three essential catwalk themes that influence women’s fashion for Fall Winter 2019-20. High-quality luxury finishes and thoughtful details are the characteristics of the season, whereby earlier casual styles are elevated and refined. Performance elements are an important feature of the season where the latest iterations transcend the sports arena and become pure fashion. Our composite catwalk trends report and specialized images evaluate the commercial value and lifespan of each trend, allowing you to make the best possible decisions.


This week Trendstop presents three influential themes in the field of clothing, accessories, and shoes. Comfort and utilitarian items are upgraded with a structured, luxurious appearance in Formal Utility and Refined Comfort. With Outdoor Reflective, performance fabrics are transformed into fashionable alternatives for high-gloss or metallic finishes.


Formal Utility

Casual utilitarian clothing is elevated to the formal clothing sector with an emphasis on tailored fits and high-quality fabrics. Refined canvas and silky woolen are used to create sharp texture or to add lush flexibility to garments. A few colors and simplified detail reinforce unexpected cuts and offer a subdued and subtle feminine variation on utilitarian looks.


Outdoor Reflective

Safety-inspired reflective fabrics are reworked as an haute couture finish for statement accessories and shoes. Reflective tapes, an important look for sneakers, are also applied to fashionable and evening style bags and boots, thereby updating classic metallic finishes. Minimal styling makes the fabric stand out more and subtle sports and outdoor elements are allusions to the original function of reflective materials.


Refined Comfort

Contemporary clean lines are displayed in cozy fabrics for a refined interpretation of comfort clothing. Padded layers create subtle volume along with pinstripe motifs, introducing formal elements. Tailored hats in felted wool and coarse chains with velvet finishes show structured and heavy accessories with a new soft look.


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