Do not put your life in a new year! Shine with a reflection!


The policemen in connection with changing the weather, turn to pedestrians with an appeal for caution and observance of a few basic rules. “Remember that we ourselves have a big impact on security,” they tell the uniform.

Pedestrians, as so-called unprotected road users are completely defenseless against speeding vehicles. An accident with them involves extremely serious consequences, which are why the policemen recall the duties of a pedestrian being a participant in the road traffic.

What are the duties of a pedestrian?

Walk across the road in designated areas, and if there are any, especially outside the city, be especially careful.

Never run abruptly on the road. Stand on the edge of the pavement, at least 30 cm from its edge; look first to the left, then right and left again. When the roadway is clear, go – always straight, the shortest way.

Always cross the road with a green light.

When the green light is flashing, wait for the red light to flash.

Wear reflective vests or reflective garments with reflective fabrics , especially at dusk, when the visibility is worse, and the dark colors of the clothes cause that the pedestrian is noticed by the driver until the last moment. (A walking person equipped with reflective clothing for the driver of the vehicle is visible from a much greater distance, which allows an earlier reaction)

Away from the built-up area, always walk only on the left side of the road to see the oncoming vehicle.

The uniforms appeal to pedestrians for prudence on the roads.

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