Students discovering the career


Lately, the pupils of the school of the commune have visited the quarry exploited since the 19th century for its crushed aggregates. This visit is part of a project that the three classes lead throughout the year on the forest, with the study of trees, the manufacture of an insect and herbarium hotel, a study on animals the forest and other related themes. All students were equipped with a reflective vest and reflective tape.

Shrubs planted

The forest group allowed the children to access the terraces. First safety lesson, all students equipped with reflective clothing and a safety helmet. The first three primary classes had a presentation of the career, with explanations about the different machines used and the management of incidents and problems from a computer. The visit continued to the test laboratory of quarry products, pebbles, sand. The children witnessed a mine firing.

On the terraces, with the forest group, an attempt to read the landscape was a little complicated because of the fog. A new visit is already planned for the beautiful days to finalize this exercise. To conclude this morning, each class planted a shrub to remember this day, but also as part of the reforestation.

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