The second edition of the nationwide information and education campaign entitled. “FRESH EXAMPLE – FEET ON” addressed to pedestrians who are unprotected road users. Poor visibility caused by adverse weather conditions and early darkness causes that pedestrians on the road are not very visible to the drivers. Therefore, the use of reflective vests by pedestrians can save lives.

“FEET ON” – means pass the reflective material┬áto your relatives, friends, and family so that they are visible to other road users.

It should be emphasized that wearing retro-reflective elements is particularly important in autumn and winter when visibility is inadequate. If a person is poorly visible on the road, it may be easier to be hit by a car. Even a small reflective element on the clothes, backpack, the bag can save life and health.

Pursuant to the provisions of the Road Traffic Law, pedestrians who move along the road after dark outside the built-up area are obliged to use reflective elements in a manner visible to other road users. The regulations provide for an exception, according to which a pedestrian can move outside the built-up area without retro-reflecting elements at dusk if it is on a road intended for pedestrians only or on the sidewalk.

The reflective element should be placed in such a place that it would be in the field of the car headlights and be noticeable for drivers approaching from both directions (back and front). The car dipped beam illuminates the path asymmetrically (more light is directed to the right side of the road), therefore it is recommended to walk the left side of the road (in the opposite direction to the vehicle traffic) wearing reflectors on the right hand or leg (from the direction of vehicle movement).

Outside the built-up area, the roads usually do not have separate pavements and are mostly not lit or are poorly lit. In addition, drivers develop much higher speeds than in the built-up area, and pedestrians in dark clothes, without reflective fabrics, unfortunately, are completely invisible to the drivers. Correctly worn reflective elements can save lives by walking.

Let’s be an example, let’s give a reflection on, let’s be aware and safe on the road.

  1. Be visible – do not cover it!

Check if the reflective elements are not covered by, for example, a scarf, bag or backpack.

  1. You care for health – be an example!

Do you like to run? Use reflective elements.

  1. You love – take care of security!

Make sure your loved ones are visible on the road and use reflective elements.

  1. Live – think it!

Do not enter the road directly in front of a moving vehicle, including a pedestrian crossing. Wear reflective elements.

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