Reflective vests for students


The noble design of the minister of justice has surpassed the contractor, reflective vests will not reach all students this year.

Three million vests for elementary school students had to hand out a foundation chosen by the Ministry of Justice by the end of the year. “We did not get anything,” said the school principals we talked with. It turns out that no company has been able to perform this task in such a short time.

Reflective vests and brochures about how to safely behave on the road for every student of a primary school in Poland is an idea of the Ministry of Justice. Why does the resort want to sponsor children with reflective materials? Because inadequate pedestrian visibility is one of the main causes of road accidents.

Fund for Victims and Post-penitentiary Assistance – the so-called The Justice Fund that operates at the Ministry. Money flows there, including with more than the convicts and the work of prisoners.


The resort provider selected the campaign in mid-July. The contest announced at the end of June by the ministry received only one offer, it was submitted by the Foundation of the National Day of Life Celebration Committee from Warsaw. This unusual event, because in other competitions in the field of counteracting crime of the ministry (there were a total of seven), many people volunteered the ministry divided funds into many foundations and associations. The competition was also exceptional when it comes to funds up to PLN 25 million was available. That is why the ministry gave the bidders a condition, own contribution of 1 percent. There were more doubts. The competition stipulated that only the organization which only the objectives of the activity, which include the subject of the competition, and thus the prevention of crime, can apply for the order.

The foundation of the National Day of Life Celebration Committee, as she writes herself, “has been organizing campaigns related to the National Day of Life and the National Family Congress for many years.” This year’s Congress took place at the PGE National Stadium under the patronage of Deputy Prime Minister. The “concept” of counteracting the causes of crime “should be understood broadly” and “the lack of such a provision in the statute of this foundation does not mean that the foundation is subject to the exclusion” for “it undertakes, inter alia, to support parental attitudes through activities related to upbringing, culture, science; deals with organizing concerts, tours, and cultural and educational events. ”

The nationwide campaign for pedestrian safety on the roads “Good to see you” was inaugurated on October 15 at the primary school, it was attended by ministers Zbigniew and Anna.

According to the terms of the competition, the foundation was to deliver up to 3,018,126 primary school pupils in Poland in three sizes, along with brochures, by the end of this year.


But from August, he is trying to choose a company that will produce vests and brochures (development, design, and printing) and deliver them to over 15 thousand. Thousands of schools until December 20, this must be done through an unlimited tender because they are public funds over 200,000 euro. “It is not possible to fulfill the order according to the above criteria, even for the largest manufacturers of this type of product in the world”, writes one of them.

Jack, president of the foundation, confirms that the tender has not been resolved, so the foundation chose a free-end producer. Who is it, Jack does not want to answer, just as he refuses to disclose how many vests have been distributed and whether the foundation will manage from the contract with the Ministry until the end of the year.

The Ministry of Justice will also not provide such information. “Vests and educational materials are sent to other establishments practically every day, the action was started from small towns from southern Poland. Everything runs very smoothly and the number of materials transferred to schools changes every day. That is why we do not collect such accurate data ” explains the ministry.

They called randomly over 20 primary schools in Poland, none of them received safety vests with reflective materials, some of them admitted that the children received reflections, only that from the police and PZU.

The resort responds: “All these activities will be completed in the first quarter of 2019 when the entire campaign will be settled and summarized.”

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