The City Council distributes vests to make pedestrians visible


The group of walkers of the Association of Pensioners and Retirees Alfonso X El launches the road safety campaign.

Under the slogan, Nava City Council has launched a road safety campaign to raise awareness of the importance of giving visibility to pedestrians or cyclists who use the roads of the council. The mayor, Juan; and the head of the Local Police, Jorge, premiered it yesterday with the delivery of reflective vests to several members of the Association of Retirees and Pensioners Alfonso X El, who from now on will wear their weekly outings.

“It is not a shell,” warned the alderman, who recommended “prudence” and “extreme caution, especially if you walk on roads that do not have lighting,” Juan explained that the vests will serve as a reference to the drivers of the vehicles and recognized that many of the paths of the council that most use the neighbors coincide in their layout with roads.

On the other hand, he stressed that the retired are very coincident with the security and pointed out that it was the association who got in touch with the City Council to join the campaign. “Depending on the demand that there will be more vests,” he said. The mayor invited neighbors and other associations or groups of Nava who want to join the proposal to get in touch with the City Council.

For their part, the recipients of the first units were very satisfied with the initiative. “We usually go out for a walk every Friday about fifteen people, as long as time permits and although we must be very careful and respect all the rules, wearing the vest will give us more peace of mind when it comes to walking on the road”, they highlighted. As soon as we received them, the elders did not hesitate to put them on and after taking a souvenir photograph, they started their march with them.

They also explained that although they usually walk through the council, they often move to neighbor municipalities. “We travel between eight and fifteen kilometers at each exit, we do it for health, but also for leisure and socializing,” they said.

Other common recommendations when walking or playing sports on roads is to wear safety clothing, light colors, or reflective fabrics on the usual clothes, as well as wearing headlights or flashlights in case of walking at night.

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