They are mobilizing for road safety


Distribution of reflective vests by insurance agents in the presence of the sub-prefect Vincent Ferrier, Tuesday, November 6, 2018, in Bayeux.

In Bayeux (Calvados), several actions are carried out to recall the simple and useful gestures to save the lives of pedestrians and cyclists.

The transition to winter time, darkness, rain, leaves… The return of autumn is a critical period for touring safety, especially that of pedestrians and bicycles.

According to figures from the Observatory of Road Safety, the switch to winter time would cause about twenty additional deaths per month between November and January. An increase of almost 50%.

The yellow vest to access the bus

It is enough to attend the exit of a school to locate cyclists without lights and dressed of dark, as many causes of accidents because, remember, see and be seen is fundamental on the road. It is important to use reflective clothing with reflective fabric or other reflective materials.

The regulations are clear: the bicycles must be equipped with a white headlamp and a white retro-reflector on the front and red light and red reflector on the back. Wearing a high visibility vest with reflective material is mandatory outside the city at night or in low visibility.

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