New safety vests and traffic lessons


44 children of the ” Beaver Castle ” are now equipped with new safety vests. In addition, they trained with the police the correct behavior in traffic.

In cloudy weather, the children of the “Beaver Castle” shine in the new safety vests that Daniel, Christian, and Torstein Brandenburg presented in the name of the “Round Table” of the day-care center. Then it went to practice on the streets in the village.

Not only parents, educators and the police want to do something about children’s car accident rates, but also a club that wants to get involved in a project to equip children with vests which made with reflective fabrics, which should improve road safety, “Round Table” is the name of the union of men who have committed themselves to socialize with different projects.

The parents Mick and Katrina had made contact with the “Round Table”, more precisely to their friend Torstein Brandenburg. The parents had suggested equipping also the kindergarten in the course of the club project with safety vests. The “Round Table” did not ask for long and traveled with 44 West, which presented a small delegation to the Kita leaders Ulla and Imelda Heffner. “This is a great thing that benefits the safety of our children,” rejoiced the women, who also thanked the Daniel couple for their thanks.

Meanwhile, the children moved to the West, of which the “Round Table” has already distributed 30 000 to various kindergartens nationwide. “We finance this through donations, which we acquire through various campaigns,” Torstein Brandenburg said.

The police, which was also in the day-care center that day to train with the children and parents the correct behavior in the road, found the action very well. “This is absolutely in our interest because the children are much better recognizable by light reflection,” said police chief Dagmar and reminded the adults to wear reflective clothing at the same time. “Here, too, you should be a role model,” said the policewoman. Meanwhile, the children had prepared for the excursion into the traffic with the new vest.

“Why is it good for you to put on the vests?” Police Chief Constable Bode Kuwait wanted to know. “So that the cars do not run over us,” the children formulated it frankly. And the policeman added: “If you go on an excursion, you will light up and be seen.”

Then the children made their way through the village with the policemen and their parents. Not only did the youngest learn a lot. For example, small children have longer reaction times and different perceptions. Therefore, it is all the more important to make them fit for road traffic early. The police officers knew that safety vests are a tried and tested aid. However, they particularly appealed to motorists to take account of the weakest road users.

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