Safety vests for kindergarten


“Safety first! That’s why I’m particularly pleased that offering warning vests for kindergarten groups as part of an Upper Austria-wide promotion campaign, “explains civil protection district head Christina Pills, who handed over the safety vests to the kindergarten with mayor Erwin Neuberger and civil protection commissioner Max Lupberger.

Due to strong demand and positive feedback, the promotion was extended until spring. The kindergartens or communities can order the warning vests at the Upper Austrian Civil Defense at a promotional price.

Make children more visible

The aim of the action is to make the kindergarten children on excursions, walks and the like more visible. As a bonus, each kindergarten group receives a safety bag, which corresponds to the design of a safety vest is also reflective. The kindergarten educator can use this as a backpack and is thus a “visible role model”. In addition, there is a safety memo developed by the OÖ Zivilschutz for the kindergarten, a safety game that illustrates children’s everyday risks and avoidance of danger.

“With this action, the Upper Austrian civil protection makes a major contribution to the safety of the youngest road users,” said civil protection commissioner Lupberger, “this is not only about reducing the risk of accidents, but also to raise awareness of the dangers in poor visibility.” The safety vests with reflective materials remain in the possession of the kindergarten and are usable for years.

Accidents could be avoided

Many accidents could be avoided if the children were more visible to motorists. The visibility increases with a safety vest from 30 to 150 meters. It is recommended to wear bright clothing and reflective fabrics on clothing, shoes and school bags for the children, who will also be the role model for the parents by wearing the safety vest.

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