Pedestrian – let yourself see!


Equipped with mini flashlights, interested visitors were able to convince themselves on Wednesday in the courtyard garden of the effect of reflective clothing. Police traffic safety advisors had hung various clothes, backpacks, and other useful accessories in a darkened shop. “Holding the light source next to his eyes gives you the same effect that the driver has. Entry angle equal exit angle “, explained Ulrich Schmidt. Together with Thomas Muller and Katrina Grattan he informed and advised on effective protective clothing, especially in the dark season.

Reflective clothing in the dark

“It’s all about sensitizing,” explained Schmidt. “We want to make the pedestrian aware of how he can make himself better seen.” Light clothing is visible on the street in the headlight cone of a car up to 40 meters, dark clothing even only up to 25 meters. “With reflective materials, however, the distance increases up to 150 meters,” said the traffic safety expert.

In front of the shop, traffic accident prevention officials had set up several souvenirs on a table, including a box with a peephole in the side wall. The whole thing seemed at first quite unspectacular but astonished everyone who looked inside the box. From the initial “yes, I can see that” when lifting the lid was a baffled “that I have not seen anything?” An impressive demonstration that even bright and vibrant colors are not necessarily perceived in the dark.

Minimize the danger of school trips

For children, there is now a wide range of safety clothing, from jacket over school bags to clack bracelets, which can be quickly attached almost anywhere. “Shoes with light-emitting diodes even like to wear children,” says Schmidt. The way to school in the dark season is thereby minimized.

Naturally, adults get a little harder with the accessories. But even if you do not want to wear wristbands on your wrist, such a small object on the bag or on the bikeĀ is already helpful. Magnetic triangles can be quickly attached to the clothing as needed and removed just as quickly. A practical part, if you only need something to reflect a short time. Anyone who is on the road should ask himself the question of whether he can be noticed in time by other road users. Even if the pedestrian sees the car, the driver does not necessarily see the pedestrian. However, appropriately equipped, materials directly throw the headlight light off the car.

Reflectors in many variants

In bad weather, the use of reflective umbrellas, which are offered in different variants in the trade. It is best to wear bright and reflective clothing. It can compensate for the deteriorating light conditions and help to be perceived in time by other road users. But also reflectors as accessories or running belts, reflective tapes and much more fulfill the purpose by and large.

Another tip from the transport expert: “I have a small LED lamp handy in my jacket pocket, which I use as a pedestrian but can also attach to a bicycle.”

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