Four new daycare centers equipped with safety vests


Four Solingen day-care centers were delighted to receive new safety vests. Jorgen Dolman, chairman of the traffic guard Solingen presented on Tuesday each facility a set of 30 west for the children and two west for the educators. Julia Jarred, the head of the Kita Kindergarten, had appealed to the employees of the traffic police and they had responded promptly.

Vest for children and educators

About three years ago, all Solingen kindergartens and elementary schools were equipped by the Verkehrswacht Solingen, which is always committed to the safety (not only) of children in road traffic, each with a class set of safety vests. With this small but valuable contribution, they also supported this time. The vests remain in the facilities and can be worn on excursions by all.

Before distributing, Jorgen Dolman wanted to know from the children why one should wear such vests. Of course, the kids had the right answer ready: “So that the motorists can see us better.” Clothing with reflective fabric┬áis visible at around 150 meters. Practical side effect from the point of view of the educators: When they are traveling with the children, for example in the zoo, the little ones can be seen much more easily because of the bright yellow color.

Reflective vests with reflective tapes to see 150 meters

Of course, the garments had to be tried on immediately. The little ones were very happy about their new vests. The mother of little Thomas of the daycare center was also happy. “When I drive Thomas to the daycare center in the morning, I always find out how many of the children are hard to see.” She praised the members of the Traffic Watch Team for taking the time out to give them the necessary insight.

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