Police gave out reflective elements


Police officers in Klatovy joined Thursday on a thematic traffic-prevention event, which focused on pedestrians.

They gave the pedestrians reflective tapes that recommended to place their hands, legs or bags on their wrists, and always in the direction of communication. “Placing a reflective belt is important when walking outside the village or in unlit places at dusk and during the night hours.

Pedestrians were also alerted to the validity of the law, which states that if a pedestrian goes out of the village in a low visibility on the roadside or on the edge of the road in a place not illuminated by public lighting, he is obliged to wear retro reflective vests, to be visible to other road users, “said police spokesman Dana.

Reflective elements are used much more in the autumn and winter because it is late in the morning and in the afternoon darkens earlier. “Any reflective element reflects the light back to the source and thus increases visibility under reduced visibility even in the dark. In addition to reflective tapes, there are other pendants, patches, and ribbons. The walker can also use a jacket with reflective fabrics while walking outside the illuminated places, ” Dana said.

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