Safety vests for kindergarten


The mayor Josef has the vest for all 90 girls and boys worried and even distributed.

“Be visible, be safer ” Is in black letters on the safety vest of the little ones from the kindergarten sunshine. And the neon yellow, reflective vests with reflective fabrics make sure that the kids are always well looked after in the dark season. Mayor Josef, “his” children have always been important, so he has these – maybe life-saving – safety vests for all 90 girls and boys, who now attend the kindergarten and the crèche, worried and personally distributed to the little ones.

Precisely because the rooms are now completely exhausted and the gymnasium is now a group room, the groups march and run in front of the multi-purpose hall of the elementary school. And here, from now on, the new vests with reflective materials will complement the warm clothes. Even on walks, the little ones will no longer be overlooked.

Marie, the kindergarten director, and her staff were very excited about this – in the truest sense of the word – and tried the vest in the autumnal garden. The mayor also donated his safety vest out of the car in solidarity.

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