Yellow vests for college students


The Department of Tarn has undertaken for several years efforts in terms of road developments and encourages the development of alternative or soft modes of travel (cycling, walking …), with the establishment of greenways, cycle routes, circuits cycling, development of crossings of agglomerations …

For its part, the Departmental Youth Council, since its creation in 1992, has been the initiative of several projects dealing with road safety (poster campaign behind the buses on safety around the bus stops, awareness film on the dangers of driving while intoxicated, promotion of safe means of transport …).

The young people currently in office had, among the various themes selected at the beginning of their term of office, raised the question of road safety for schoolchildren in Tarn on their home/school trips.

Today, in partnership with the Departmental Committee and the Organizing Committee of the International Federal Cycling Week, they have decided to promote to all school children the wearing of the yellow vest with reflective tape by young cyclists and pedestrians. day, as at night, on the way to college.

The launch of the operation took place on Wednesday morning in the presence of Christophe, President of the Departmental Council, Cabanas and Isabelle Espinosa, Steve Jackson, Chairman of the Departmental Committee and members of the organizing committee of the Federal Week of bicycle tourism.

To get the yellow vest which made of reflective fabric, college students can connect either on the digital space of their college or on the site of the department.

It is also possible to reserve the yellow vest at his college. Running April 5000 yellow reflective vests flocked with the slogan: “By day and night, I save lives” will be distributed to the enrolled middle school students. “The youth departmental advisors are ambassadors for the safety of middle school cyclists and pedestrians,” said Cabanas, youth delegate. She insisted that “putting the vest in the schoolbag is good, but wearing it is better.”

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