Safety vests for school beginners


The importance of visibility in road traffic, the country Upper Austria wants to bring even the freshmen. As a result, the children’s reflective vest campaign took place again this year, in which a total of around 17,500 pieces were distributed to Upper Austria’s first graders.

In the municipality, in the presence of mayor Ingo, the safety vests were handed over by the police in the context of traffic education to the children. Especially in the foggy and gloomy autumn and winter months, the vest with reflective tape is particularly important. The children should not only wear them on the way to school, but also in their spare time. Many accidents could be avoided if the children were more visible to motorists.

Civil Defense generally recommends light-colored clothing, as well as reflective fabrics on clothing, shoes and school bags, which make children more visible. This project was carried out together with the Family Department and the Transport Department of the Province of Upper Austria, with the support of AUVA, Hypo-Bank, etc.

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