“Fireflies” for more traffic safety

6,545 pedestrians have been involved in a traffic accident in Austria in the past five years, including 114 children from zero to six years.

For this reason, the Road Safety Board (KFV) has launched a new safety campaign – the “fireflies” – which aims to improve road safety and visibility. Especially in the dark season you have to be visible to all road users in order to avoid accidents, such us wearing reflective vests.

With “lucky worms” children learn in a playful way how important it is to be seen in the street and to wear bright and reflective clothing with reflective tape. From now on, the KFV offers this action for kindergartens and elementary schools throughout Austria.

“Visibility in the dark is a topic that is more topical in autumn and winter than ever, so we are happy to support this action in order to sustainably improve the safety of our citizens, and especially of the children,” said Mayor Klaus Luger.

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