Police look especially to the beginning of the school


For first-graders and their parents, it is important to get to know the way to school and the special danger spots and risks, writes the Police Headquarters Upper Palatinate. The shortest way to school is not necessarily the safest.


If roads have to be crossed, then this should be done at traffic light. Pedestrian crossings or pedestrian trains, which is secured by school helpers. If this is not possible, it is remembered not to step on the road behind obstacles such as a car or a hedge.


Satchels and clothing should be noticeable and bright. “That increases perceptibility.” Reflective fabrics on clothing or school bags are useful additions. It is important to put on reflective vests on the way to school.


The children should make their way to school in good time, as time pressure reduces the children’s attention and thus increases the risk of accidents. The use of mobile phones is a source of danger in traffic due to the distraction from the traffic.


The mobile phone should remain in the satchel on the way to school. Also, beginners should not go to school by bike.


If children are brought to school or picked up by car, attention must be paid to the proper securing of drivers and passengers. “In the first few days of school, the police monitor especially the gaiters on busily frequented school routes, as well as in front of schools and kindergartens,” announces the Bureau.


Also at the bus stops are fixed rules of conduct, because bus stops are no playgrounds. Children must not jostle at the stops and must ensure sufficient distance to the approaching bus.


Never run across the street in front of or behind the stopping bus, but wait until the bus leaves the bus stop. When getting off, you have to pay attention to approaching cyclists and pedestrians. But not only the students, but every road user is called to be particularly attentive at the beginning of school. And the students who use reflective materials on clothing is more visibility.


Be ready to brake

In the environment of schools, there is a large influx of pedestrians and cyclists during the week. The motto is: “Get off the gas and be ready to brake when children are at the edge of the road”.


“The police stations have the school ways until Friday, September 14, especially in focus,” announces the Bureau. How important it is to familiarize children with their way to school and age appropriate to a safe traffic participation, shows the annual balance of school road accidents.


In 2017, 46 school-leaving road accidents occurred in the area of the police headquarters of Upper Palatinate. In total, 50 students suffered injuries. Fortunately, there have been no lost students in recent school years.


In the first half of 2018, the police reported 28 school-leaving accidents involving injured students.

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