Minister Schultz wears ‘reflective safety jacket’

Wear reflective safety jacket

Why should not you look stylish in the construction industry as a woman? This is what traffic minister Schultz van Heaven must have thought. She did not wear a shapeless, reflective jacket on a working visit, but a ‘women’s safety jacket’: an orange, reflective blazer.


Mistress Karin is delighted that the minister is wearing her design.

Rig invented the jacket because she was bothered by the lack of female clothing in the construction industry. Because a normal road worker’s coat, that really does not stand. “Then I would wear a jacket like that in size S and it would still be too big, it just did not look like a skirt,” says Rig to RTL Neuss. That is why she asked for feminine clothing. “Then I was offered a pink overall and helmet, but I do not like that.” In addition, there was no other thing.


That is why she came up with the ‘cute ladies’ safety jacket with reflective tape. Rig: “This is a symbol of” you can also be a woman in the construction industry. “And then you do not have to hoist yourself in a garbage bag.” The jacket is also fitted. “We women have a waist,” says Rig. “Let’s at least see that, and in men in the construction industry that waist is often hard to find!”


Rig gets many enthusiastic reactions and gives the coat especially to women she meets in the construction sector, but also to politicians. In December, she gave him, together with Bowens Nederland-chairman Maxima, as a gift to traffic minister Schultz van Heaven. She has the coat in her car and carries him on working visits, such as yesterday.


The jackets are for sale at Vermin from Nijmegen and cost 89 Euros each, excluding VATS They are really only meant for companies, but, let the company know, if a private person comes along and wants to have the coat, that is not a problem. Rig sees several possibilities for her coat, in addition to use in construction. “You can wear it on King’s Day or if the Dutch national teams plays, but also for ready-over it is much better than the big standard safety jackets.”

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