Seven safety gadgets for good visibility in the dark

Reflective hoodie

It is dark outside again. Are you a real outdoor athlete, for the road safety, then it is wise to make yourself visible during your training, so you are not dependent on street lamps and the light of the moon. These seven gadgets help you with that.


  1. Light

With a (LED) light on your clothes you fall well on, even if you are exercising on a route where there is not much lighting. Even night trail runners often use this kind of lights to see well in the dark. You can attach the lights to your clothes in different places, for example on your chest. The advantage of lights is that they are cheap and available almost everywhere.


  1. Bracelet

With a reflective bracelet around your wrist or around your upper arm you can shine well in the dark. Your fellow road users can also see you well, especially if you practice a sport in which you move a lot with your arms, such as running. Wear a reflective bracelet on both arms for extra visibility.


  1. Reflective body warmer

Wearing a reflective body warmer is ideal if the outside is already getting colder, but the temperatures do not yet drop to winter values. In the months of October and November, such a body warmer comes in handy. Because of the bright colors, usually pink, yellow or orange, you fall well into the traffic with a reflective vest.


  1. Reflective sports jacket

More and more sports brands have reflective clothing that not only shows you well, but also looks good. You can also opt for a separate, reflective hes with LED lighting that you wear over your clothes.


  1. Head lamp

Although the headlamp is not the most popular gadget to wear during exercise, it is perhaps the most effective. Such a light on your head ensures that you see exactly where you place your feet or where you are going. Others see you coming from afar. Purchase a headlamp, pay attention to how far it shines and how many hours it gives light. In addition, check in the store also how light or heavy he is to wear.



  1. Shoe clip

A luminous shoe clip can easily be attached to the heel of your sports shoe. Such a clip is extra good in the dark, because your feet and thus your shoes are constantly moving during exercise. The eyes of other road users are almost automatically taken to the lights in your shoe clips, allowing you to exercise safely.


  1. Reflective hoodie

Reflective hoodies and long sleeves also ensure that you are clearly visible in the dark. The advantage of a hoodie is that it is comfortable and moisture can drain well. A hoodie is ideal to wear when the temperature is between 0 and 10 degrees.

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