All you need to know about mandatory vests and triangles

From Wednesday, any car not equipped with fluorescent vest and pre-signaling triangle is liable to a fine of at least 90 Euros. Reminder the main provisions of this new security measure.


How many vest and triangle should one have on board? A reflective vest and a pre-signaling triangle must have been in each vehicle since July 1st. However the Minister of Ecology, in charge of road safety, Jean-Louis Borolo had granted a deadline until Wednesday so that motorists can equip themselves “in the best conditions”. From 1 October, the police will report any driver who does not have the two objects on board his car.


Should the safety vest be visible under all circumstances? The retro-reflective vest must be worn by the driver before he leaves his vehicle. But it is not mandatory to drape the vest on the front passenger seat. The jacket should only be easily accessible, storing it in the glove compartment or under a seat is sufficient.


Where the triangle should be placed? The triangle must be on board the vehicle, bestowed in the cockpit and not in the trunk of the car, and be placed on the road, as soon as the driver leaves his vehicle, at a distance of at least 30 meters from the vehicle. Hazard warning lights remain mandatory when the car is equipped with them.


Where can we buy them? The kit is in supermarkets, in the centers autos (attention these are sometimes out of stock), in the markets as in the Paris metro. Prices can vary from single to triple, from 6.50 € in hypermarket to 20 € in the corridors of public transport of the capital. To comply with European legislation, the vest must be marked “CE” and the triangle marked “E27R”.


In case of infringement, what is the risk? The offending motorist incurs a fine of 135 Euros. The amount of the fine can be reduced to 90 Euros if it is paid on the spot or within three days after the verbalization. What is the legislation for both wheels? Bikers and scooter drivers are exempted from wearing the vest under any circumstances. The jacket is recommended but not mandatory for cyclists traveling in town.


On the other hand, wearing the reflective vest is imposed on cyclists, pilots and passengers, who ride out of town in poor visibility conditions (rain, fog) or during the night. In case of forgetfulness, the pedal will have to pay a fine of 35 Euros (22 Euros if one pays in less than two weeks).

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