Children on the road: reflective clothing saves lives

Not only in the dark season, must motorists pay particular attention to children, especially when they pass by kindergartens or schools. There is often also speed 30 still too fast, since the small ones often quite abruptly between parked vehicles on the road. A little light in the dark can already bring the safety vest.


If children optically look away from their surroundings, they can perhaps be seen in time by motorists. And these fractions of seconds sometimes save lives. Therefore, the ADAC now strongly recommends that parents put their children clothing with reflective materials. Thus, in any case, the children are perceived by other transporters in the past.


For all those parents who are still unaware of the importance of clothing for their little ones in road traffic, the automobile club has the right number of examples ready. According to ADAC, darkly dressed pedestrians of motorists are only recognized from a distance of 25 meters from the viewpoint. However, if you wear light clothes, you can improve your visibility and you can already see it from 40 meters. And with reflective materials people are already visible at a distance of about 130 meters. This leaves sufficient time for a braking maneuver – adapted speed.


The experts point to a further important point: in the case of poor light conditions, visual acuity is only about 20 to 30 percent. This increases the risk for pedestrians to be seen too late. In addition, the stopping distance of a passenger car in an emergency braking operation of 50 km / h is approximately 28 meters.


Parents should also take care when choosing the school rucksack. This should meet the standard DIN 58124. Why this? This ensures that the children are noticeable from far away. Also shoes and jackets should be equipped with reflex material. Care must be taken that the material meets the EN ISO 20471 or EN 1150 standard. With the transport initiative “For a safe school journey!” the ADAC 2016 wants to contribute to reducing the accident rates in children. The aim of the initiative is to inform parents and children about the specific risks of road traffic and to demonstrate how safe mobility can be ensured.


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