“Made Visible” – High visibility clothing for cycling

The Swiss Touring and Uri launched the communication campaign promoting the reflective material trendy items that can pair with any outfit


Motorcyclists, pedestrians, cyclists, belong to the category of the most vulnerable in the event of accidents, with considerably more risk when visibility decreases due to bad weather or darkness. To counter this, the Swiss Touring Club and the Office accident prevention have launched a campaign called “Made Visible”, promoting the reflective trendy items that can pair with any outfit.


The three-year campaign, with a dedicated web site, not only offers useful tips, but also trendy clothing and accessories, which can be very useful to save lives. In Switzerland, to increase the visibility of vehicles, cars, trucks and motorcycles are obliged to circulate with the lights on 24 hours a 24, while pedestrians, cyclists and moped riders are often visible only at the last moment. A risk is during the night, at dusk and in fog, becomes three times higher than in daylight, and even grows tenfold during rain or snow.


The studies also reveal that in low visibility conditions, a person with dark clothing is seen by motorists just 25 meters away, a decidedly insufficient space in an emergency. On the contrary, it was verified that those who wears light-colored clothes or with reflective elements is already visible from a distance of 140 meters, a space that allows greater reaction time to drivers.


For its part, the trend of clothing industry has already realized that practicality and aesthetics of yellow or orange reflective vests do not like at all and thus have been launched on the market several other products that offer a clever mix between safety and style.


Made Visible Through the campaign we want to encourage this evolution, and issue proposals on the specially created website, a choice of trendy items easy to wear in everyday life.

To confirm that the problem of poor visibility of vulnerable road users of the strata is very much felt, just think that for the campaign preparation for casting in Zurich, Bern, Geneva and Lugarno, over a thousand people have posed as a testimonial to show how you can combine fashion and safety.


Lastly that the campaign Made Visible is made by touring club, it use the nice reflective fabric. In partnership with the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention and the financial support of the Fund for road safety FSS, and is the biggest campaign so far put out to tender by the Fund, demonstrating the importance of the theme of visibility in traffic.

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