Reflective material spray will save the lives of many cyclists

Life Paint allows splashing on clothing with which you pedal a substance that reflects light like reflective tape. The Volvo’s goal is to reach zero deaths


The fear of not being seen at night adds to the fear of having an accident while riding a bicycle. Often the problem lies in the distraction of drivers or a driving style that can endanger the safety of cyclists.

To reduce the risk of not being seen when cycling home after a day’s work, a hand can give products that increase the visibility of who is moving on two wheels. The reflective materials begin to be quite widespread but in this case we are talking about a particular product that must … splash him.


The Volvo has decided to contribute with Life Paint: a spray that allows you to spread on clothing, used when cycling, a water-based substance. Invisible to sunlight does, however, “light up” the interested parties affected by the light of car headlights.

Life Paint can be removed easily by washing the reflective clothes and its reflecting effect lasts for ten days. According to Volvo it can be safely applied to clothing, helmets, shoes, backpacks and even leashes and dog collars (some like to take a walk being in the saddle).


Cyclists are eight percent of those who lose their lives in road accidents with not wearing Reflective vest in Europe, according to the report on road safety in 2015 of the European Commission, while in the UK lose 19 thousand cyclists year life. When Life Paint is sold on a trial basis in a few bicycle shops in and around London but if successful could start production around the world.


With this campaign, Volvo is also launching an awareness message, proposing to achieve, by 2020, to reach zero fatalities caused by cars of the Swedish company.

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