Students received a safety vest gift

In the hall lunch café The Rous have Friday 51 students from grade 7 of primary Butterfly Garden and Borsch from alderman van Son may receive their diploma traffic. It was for the students also the conclusion of the Road Safety Week in the southern district, an activity that is set for the 20th time on the calendar.


Shortly before the outcome of the final is closing movement of the quiz sounded entirely in accordance with the tradition drum roll. The ritual produced by the students was accompanied by the chanting of the names of both schools. Meanwhile, the increased voltage at the finalists is to a boiling point. On behalf of the Borsch did Can Cato Fish and Fake part in the titanic struggle. Mandy Sheyenne Gill and Cay lee Brinkman represented the colors of Butterfly Garden.


Draw ultimately decided the 10-member jury, which only parents had seats that could be credited to a draw in the annals. “We have only one time previously experienced over the last 20 years. Most of the quiz produces a winner,” laughed Gerard Schouten, president of the Southern District.


After the announcement of the results followed the graduation ceremony, where everyone is including received a safety vest gift. In no time colored the room whatsoever ‘fluorescent’ green. As usual, the Road Safety Week organized by the South ward council in collaboration with Safe Traffic Netherlands, the police and the municipal department Production Management Public Space. Earlier this week, the students in reflective vest were presented with a practical component. Furthermore, within the framework of the Road Safety Week in the district is on additional security and speed traps. Also find another place next weekend.

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