Police Animals also equip safety vest

There is a nice program from 11:00 to 15:00 and you will have the opportunity to meet with the police Animals district team, and need to wear a safety vest to keep safe.


The Animal Police has put together a great program, so you can get an impression of all police work entails and what they do as district team and how they work. Because the police often work together with other donors, there is also a fully equipped ambulance present. The ambulance staff can tell you all about it here.

Furthermore, one of the police officers a nice presentation on the work and a demonstration is given with a police dog in reflective jacket and they show how the police act in certain situations.


You see and hear them often, but how it all looks; you can see it and experience it. The equipment of the police feels to wear a safety vest, how looks like and what you do with it? The neighborhood team of police Animals will tell and you can experience it for yourself.


Always wanted to ride in a police car with flashing lights and sirens? Also you can. For the little ones the police make a round in a police van.

Of course there is thought to be the inner man like the police in reflective vest, and the small canteen of the police station you can go for a drink and a snack.

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