Reflective vests used by kindergartens and nurseries

Change the time and autumn weather causes more difficult visibility on the roads. Police reported an increased number of clashes with cars and pedestrians. Protection of vulnerable road users, especially children, also requires the European Union. Ministry of Transport on the importance of reflective elements in the form of campaign seeks to highlight features reflective vests to kindergartens.


It is only a recommendation, and it is up to the management of schools and nurseries, whether according to him, will follow or not. Regulation on the mandatory use of reflective protection of children in the Czech Republic does not yet exist.

Meet strudel preschoolers, where the first and last pair of children dressed in reflective vests, in Program is quite common. Some pre-school outings when it is used with absolute assurance, as Program municipal nursery. “Reflective vests use since 2007. We got them from us and a few of them devoted parents and children. Wearing vests we proved wears them all the kids and wear it like, because they have pictures, “said Director of Municipal nurseries and rehabilitation clinics.


“Reflective vests in kindergarten use certainly more than four years. For us it works is that when the children go in the body, wearing a safety vest first and the last pair “informs the director of 14th nursery school in Romani, adding that children wear a vest like always profess and they want to be in the first and last pair?


Greater child safety aids such as police, which guard the crossings on the roads. “Neither the police but they cannot guard everything. Movement of children often can hardly be expected and autumn weather was not added. These are complications with which the fall drivers must contend. Timely response to the movement on the road is difficult under such conditions. Reflective elements are in this case a very good help and save lives, “said Michal from the project Reflective children.


They are organizations that do not use reflective materials because they do not have the money.” This is the children’s safety, so they should also involve parents “said shadow Education Minister Marcel.

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