Reflective material how to prevent pedestrian on road

Marry in November dark clothing without any reflective material elements and go, even on the shoulder, on the way down the road may be equal to gamble with life. Helped the new requirement to wear reflective elements to reduce the number of conflicts of pedestrians and cars, which usually ends in tragedy?


“The obligation to wear reflective clothing elements is to apply from mid-February this year. It seems that people perceive and observe the law, “said Martin from Malta traffic inspectorate Police.


He pointed out that while last year became the forty-five accidents caused insufficient lighting were pedestrians, police recorded this year forty cases where drivers of vehicles on the road be enough people in time to avoid. For all he recalled a recent accident, which was not without injury.


“In the evening, the vehicle operator failed to pedestrians, moving along the highway 10 in the D region of the reconstructed bridge and did not wear reflective elements. In addition, he was under the influence of alcohol, “said Martin.

According to him, the most risky period just coming fall, then crossing point at the roundabout. Pedestrians especially in this time should also be careful where and how it is changing.


“It is important to make eye contact with the driver, so he signs up, they are going to move,” he advised police spokesman Malta Lucie that reflective tape is suitable to wear on the body part you towards the middle of the road.

Drivers and pedestrians reflective elements on clothing welcome. Boleslaw newspaper learned of it at the time when he took part in road safety action X.

Pedestrians are properly labeled reflective strips in poor visibility? They know that February is a law that imposes the obligation to all pedestrians and cyclists when they move out of the village? Not only had to address such issues mentioned road safety action.

When Lucie, a spokesman for Malta police squad car took out the blue bag and two reflective yellow tapes, watch said something at half past eight and her colleagues just stopped in a normal chauffeur Octavia.


Driver’s concerns

“I did something or did you stop me randomly?” Asked the policeman carefully older driver of Salt after being invited to submit driving license and vehicle documents. “I am aware that I am on time for signs of the village, but before truck drove me. I saw the mark until the last minute, “he feared the driver while preparing to blow up Alcohol.


After a few minutes for him policing ended with a positive result and in addition to Lucie got two reflective strips and reflective blue bag. “I get two straight? That we will have the whole family, “said the chauffeur while you cleaned in your wallet documents. The obligation is to wear reflective tape certainly welcome. “If I was a driver, it would not come to me to make sense. Fog or rain man with a reflective strip to see two hundred meters, and I can safely go around, “said the driver.


Although it is a small village and the rest by the village square it is clear that the majority of the population in work in the morning, we do have a few pedestrians luck. “I am very old and ride my bike everywhere,” acknowledges gratefully reflective gift from Lucie approximately eighty women who was on his way to the local store.

“Since I have two small children, I naturally reflective tape on the stroller. In addition, children and that I choose the clothes that he wears sewn reflective strips, “explained Susana. Well aware of the dangers children may face when in the gloom will not be easy to see.

During the day, several police patrols were handed out reflective bands and believe that the people will not forget at home.

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