Officers handed out reflective braces

In a nationwide preventive action marked X, aimed at motorcyclists, were also involved in Kano traffic cops. It was not but just about handing out fines. Bikers received gifts from patrols – reflective suspenders.


“The main objective was to reduce the negative evolution of traffic accidents of motorcyclists, also in connection with their visibility on the road,” said Kano police spokeswoman Jana.


Patrols at selected sites throughout the county check motorcycles. Their drivers and passengers preventively distributed reflective material braces.

“There were halted over thirty bikers. Most of them did not commit any traffic violation. Handing gift motorcyclists passing Kano district welcomed very positively, “said Steiner.


Use of seat belts

A total of 93 vehicles checked and found seventeen offenses. Fines on the spot were handled sixteen of them, the rest was handed over to public authorities. Police for offenses of drivers chose 3500 crowns.

“The most frequent offenses were non-use of safety belts, and in five cases, followed by two vehicles was found unsatisfactory technical condition before driving a driver has consumed alcoholic beverages. Furthermore, there was one offender, “the police in safety vest said.

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