Drivers reflective vests are asked

Police went to the ground. Reflective safety vests, technical condition of vehicles and alcohol in drivers.

Several times a year the police are investigating the tragic accident in which lives are lost not only pedestrians but also drivers who at the moment is outside the vehicle. They often have a common denominator – oncoming vehicle were seen on time, because wearing not wearing a reflective vest.


Whether the situation has changed, they examined the field Lade dozens of police officers within the security events of the Central Region.

Roughly half an hour we spent with the two-man police patrol the streets of Prague. During this time the police stopped a dozen vehicles. “Drivers almost always have a reflective jacket in the car, which is part of the mandatory equipment. But not everyone knows where it should be stored vest. Roughly half chauffeurs checked her in her trunk. But this is wrong, “said Lucie, a spokesperson for the police Lade.


He pointed out that it is necessary to have a reflective vest available in the cab of the vehicle, in case of emergency stop and performances on an unlit road.


“It is important to remember that in case of a crash of another vehicle in the trunk of their car, would not have to get to the vest because it can block the door,” said a police spokesman.


Security was focused among other things on the technical condition of vehicles, checking documents and whether drivers behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol. It is also a frequent culprit in accidents. For example, last year signed at fifty-nine accidents, while pedestrians were based on the current police statistics guilty of six accidents.

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