Police distributed reflective vests

About twenty cars for the first hour security actions “X” yesterday stopped traffic police at a rally in the direction. Events at various locations lasted up to 18 hours for the entire period according to police spokeswoman Lucie in safety vest checked 143 vehicles.


The event, which involves some eighteen policemen, not speeds, but the technical condition of vehicles. They controlled not only the winter, but also mandatory equipment. “We were paragons chauffeurs, only one had forgotten at home driver’s license,” a police spokesman assesses Lucie after the first hour.


The figures, which newspaper gave Lucie, that one driver has committed, two did not turn on the safety belt and the block management total paid 220 crowns vehicle a chauffeur was not in a satisfactory condition and one sat behind the wheel without a driving license. “As we checked but had reported as lost,” said a police spokesman in reflective vest.


And it was a precautionary action, policemen and handed out gifts. Thus, if the driver had in his car only one vest, came second. Not forgotten the children. Those dedicated coloring or reflective tape.

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